Where the Magic Happen


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You change your mind
Step outside your zone
To break free
To live worthily

Some things you get lost
Some say it’s a fool
Move forward
Reach your dreams

It’s not that easy
It’s not that simple
Walk on your path
Follow the stars

I believe your decision
I believe you can do it
‘Cause this way is
Where the magic will happen

Bogor, 30 June 2015
10.27 am


Wishing You a Blessed Ramadhan 1436H



Ramadhan has come. It is the month of blessings wherein Allah turns towards you and sends down to you His special Mercy, forgives your faults, accepts your prayers, appreciates your competition for the greatest, good and boasts to the angels about you.

So, let’s show to Allah your righteousness, for verily, the most pitiable and unfortunate one is he who is deprived of Allah’s Mercy in this month.

My apologize to all of my friends. I ask for your forgiveness, anyone I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt, wronged, or hurt in any way. Please forgive me.
Wishing you a blessed Ramadhan 1436 Hijriyah.

‘Cause I’m a Queen


Open your eyes
Look around
Recognize who they are
Recognize who you are

When I’m wrong
No one can judge me
No one can blame me
‘Cause I’m a queen

When I’m happy
You must sing for me
You must be happy to me
‘Cause I’m a queen

When I’m down
You must serve me
You must cry for me
‘Cause I’m a queen

When I’m on top
You must praise me
You must clap for me
‘Cause I’m a queen

Now you can dance
The dance of a queen
Open your eyes
Look around

Wednesday, 3rd June 2015
11.15 am

Keangkuhan yang Fana


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Kepak sayap terbang tinggi di balik awan
Mencari sangkar tua tersembunyi di ujung Selatan
Di antara pepohonan rindang dan di balik gunung yang tinggi
Namun tak jua ia temukan

Sangkar tua yang dahulu tak diinginkannya
Kini jadi bermakna
Ada mutiara yang berkilau di dalamnya
Dan keangkuhan yang memancar

Namun semua itu fana
Karena ia tahu
Keangkuhan hanya milik sang Pencipta

Wahai suara nan merdu
Kau lantunkan seruan alam
Dan menyinari bumi ini…

11.30 am
Monday, 11 May 2015

Cry My Little Bear



That night…
It should be warm
And cheeriness painted on your lips
The pride shown in everything you serve

I can see the tears in your beautiful eyes
I can  see the sadness in your tiny lips
I can see the clumsiness in your little hands
I feel the hurt in your heart

Don’t conseal it my little bear
Cry… cry… my baby
Hold me tight
I will ease your pain

This is the path that you have to through it
You know that, my little bear
Strong and humble
Better things will be yours

To my son
Monday, 2nd March 2015
02.00 pm

A Red Rose


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The first time I saw you
In your red appearance
And your bloom petals
I couldn’t deny that beauty is you

The beauty that radiated me
to stay with you
And your fragrance hypnotized me
to kiss and come into your arms

The second day I saw you
I realized that I couldn’t touch you
Your thorns even hurted me
So I just looked at you from afar

In your silence,
Your arrogancy,
And your beauty
There’s a love for you

Why I can’t dance with you
Why I can’t sing along with you
You just stand alone
Without compromise

11.00 a.m
Friday, 27 Feb 2015

Balada Seekor Kucing #1


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Kucing kecil, cantik dan lembut

Kau takkan membiarkannya sendiri

Kau memeluknya dan menyayanginya

Menghangatkannya di dinginnya malam

Kucing kecil, cantik dan lembut

Terbuai indahnya hari

Tersenyum dengan semangkuk sereal di pagi hari

dan belaian lembut memanjakan


Kucing kecil, cantik dan lembut

Angin membawanya pergi…

Tanganmu tak kuasa meraihnya

Bahkan kau tak mampu melihat tatapannya

Kucing kecil, cantik dan lembut


Jatuh ke tanah…

Dengan tubuh penuh luka dan perih

Kucing kecil, cantik dan lembut

Terhoyong, tertatih…

Berjalan sendiri di dinginnya malam

Mencari semangkuk sereal menghangatkan

No More World Cup


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World Cup 2014 Brasil

World Cup 2014 Brasil

Now, most of people in the world are being crazy of World Cup 2014. How about you? and how about me now…? well, actually, I’m a football lover too… at least a long long time ago. I liked to watch football competition especially World Cup on television even though I had to stay awake all night long.

I also liked to read about football on tabloid or newspaper. I know many football players, like Lothar Mattheus, Zenedine Zidane, Alessandro del Piero, Paulo Maldini, Luis Figo, Marco van Basten, Roberto Baggio, Gabriel Batistuta, Romario, Bebeto, Michael Laudrup, Edgar Davids, George Weah, Gianluca Pagliuca, etc. Of course, I also have favorite football players like Gary Lineker from England, Claudio Caniggia from Argentina and Henrik Larsson from Swedia. But for World Cup, I choose Netherland as my favorite football team, there’s no reason about it.

Well, now I want to talk about my favorite football players.

Gary Lineker, played for England team, was a very good football player. He was never cautioned by a referee for foul play and never received a yellow or red card! And the thing that made me love him was that he was a good father for his son. He decided to stop playing football after his son were diagnosed with leukemia.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

Calaudio Caniggia, played for Argentina team. Wow… I loved his style, he had long hair which made him like a rock star and later he wore a head bandage, of course it made him to be more handsome. Even though he always made some controversial and bad news, but he is still my favorite football player. I had made a book about him containing his pictures and his news.

Claudio Caniggia

Claudio Caniggia


Claudio Caniggia

Claudio Caniggia

Henrik Larsson is a Swedish former footballer. He was known as an excellent striker. His dreadlocks hair made me impressed. Take a look at this:

Henrik Larsson

Henrik Larsson


Yeah, that’s my favorite football players. You know all of them played in the era of 90’s. How pity I am… that is too long long time ago. How about now? I know some, but there’s no chemical feeling of mine for them. So, I can conclude that I am a football lover in 90’s but not now.  Cause at that time, I was in my teenager. Me and my family loved to watch football game, specially World cup. We had to wait and even not to sleep all night long only to watch our favorite team played. My mom always accompanied me, my brother, and my uncle watching the football game. She always cooked noodles for us. And at school, I used to talk about football and football player with my friends too. Frankly, I really miss that moment…

Contrary, after I married, I realize my husband doesn’t watch football a lot. He even never talked about football too. He said that it was stupid when you have to watch football match in the middle of the night or you have to stay awake all night long. For the first time it really made me upset because I love football but now I don’t really care about it either. So, no more World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014